YU-TZU HUANG                                           


Provocative Futures: Speculation, Human Body and Medical Science

IdeIdentity, Exhibition, Key Visual, Brochure, Graphic Design

Provocative Futures: Speculation, Human Body, and Medical Science 啟發性的未來:推測、身體與醫學 is a double solo exhibition of artists Paul Gong and Kuang-Yi Ku. All their exhibited works focus on changes and transformation of the human body and the social environment made by the influence of medical technologies.

Strategy & Design
The vision uses mixed and reorganized objects as the exhibition key vision. The transparent gray and white squares represented in the drawing software symbolize the "reorganized" objects and the invisible "power", echoing the artist's depiction of the complicated relationships among medical, the human body, and the culture in their works.

Digital Materials

Poster Brochure