YU-TZU HUANG                                           


Perverted Norm, Normal Pervert

Publication Design

Perverted Norm, Normal Pervert is the artist Kuang-Yi Ku’s project inspired by scientific research and explores the normality and abnormality of sexual activities among humans and snails.

I collaborated with Ku and explored the appearance, gender and data related to snails and humans, which I illustrated and produced as a book. This bilingual book focuses on gender fluidity, depicting the reproductive system, reproductive structure and mating posture of snails and humans in four chapters with black and white illustrations. On the cover, it attempts to echo the definition of "pervert and normality" explored by the artist by switching the sequence of the Chinese characters "變態的正常".

Part of this exhibition presents the pages of the book and shows the interaction of graphic design and three-dimensional objects together with 3D printing and proofing. In addition, I drew four large-scale illustrations of banners to echo the topics discussed in the four chapters of the book.

Softcover, Smyth sewn binding
120 x 190 mm
Printed in Taiwan