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MorePlants 2022

 Identity, Web Design, Illustration, Graphic Design


MorePlants 2022 marks the beginning of a series of delightful art actions and interventions by artists Ju-An Hsieh and Yi-Han Yen. This exciting project invites you to reconsider the interconnectedness between humans and plants. They share captivating stories of plants, gaining a deeper understanding of their fascinating world and prompting contemplation on the pressing issues of plant rights. As humans rely entirely on plants, the question of plant rights brings forth a multitude of complex dilemmas. How should people navigate the societal and moral conflicts that arise? How can plants, as the unique life forms they are, be truly seen and appreciated? They explore these thought-provoking themes through artistic research and practice.

MorePlants 2022 took place in Hortus Botanicus Leiden from 21 June to August 31, 2022.

MorePlants 2022 rethinks the focus on the interconnectedness of humans and plants. I use "time" and "location" as a starting point to challenge the notion that interactions with plants should be limited to daylight hours, and that there can also be beautiful encounters with plants at night. I envision the website as a gateway to the botanical garden. The website is designed with two modes: daytime and nighttime. By detecting the user's IP time zone, users can switch between modes and experience a different ambiance from that of the botanical garden during the day.

↑ Photo by Shakibuzzaman Khan on Unsplash

This dynamic logo is inspired by the internal structure of Myrmecophytes*. Myrmecophytes* is known for its unique growth pattern and interdependence. The logo symbolizes the logotype of "Moreplant 2022" and transforms the visual into the internal structure of Myrmecophytes, blending botanical and design elements. The aim of this is to consistently emphasize the concept of "interdependence" among various species and present it to the audience.

*Myrmecophytes (/mərˈmɛkəfaɪt/; literally "ant-plant") are plants that live in a mutualistic association with a colony of ants. These plants possess structural adaptations that provide ants with food and/or shelter.

↑ A naturalist's wanderings in the Eastern archipelago; a narrative of travel and exploration from 1878 to 1883 (1885) from wikimedia. 

Clients: Ju-An Hsieh and Yi-Han Yen
Web design & Graphic design: Yu-Tzu Huang
Web developer: Gore Wang

WEB DESIGN Daytime Version

WEB DESIGN Nighttime Version