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Holy Pig of Future Museum

 Identity, Web Design, Speculative Design, Graphic Design


Holy Pig of Future Museum has developed display systems for exhibiting Taiwan’s Holy Pig culture in several parallel worlds. Through archives demonstrating cultural and historical sources, technological devices breeding holy pig, and the interviews with experts and scholars, the museum guides the visitors to experience the development process of Holy Pig cultures respectively and to learn about the dynamic relationships between religious culture, human technology, and the natural environment.

Holy Pig of Future Museum is a project developed under the framework of speculative design. The main goal is to express a science-fiction tone and present the abundant archives. Taiwan’s Holy Pig culture is a culture of piety and religious belief. How to lead the visitor to see the various holy pig breeding systems in the three parallel worlds, technological development, and religious culture’s evolution and changes of the religious culture from a rational perspective will be the challenge of this website.

The index page of the website uses garbled characters interspersed with Chinese characters: 黑渡羊磅涼翻領褒發舍抓元特花糰床醮 related to the Holy Pig culture as a gate before entering parallel worlds. Only through decoding can it be translated into information that people in today's world can read. The logo of "未來神豬博物館" is inspired by the plump body of the Holy Pig, and the color scheme uses indigo, magenta, yellow-green, and silver are taken from the wagon used for loading the Holy Pig. The archives floating on the planet are gathered through a filter, and visitors can decide for themselves which parallel world to enter first.

↑ The Holy Pig
Photo by Yu-Tzu Huang

The wagon used for loading the Holy Pig
Photo by Yu-Tzu Huang

Clients: Yu-Chun Lo, Kuang-Yi Ku, Zong-Yuan Tien
Web design & Graphic design: Yu-Tzu Huang
Web developer: Gore Wang