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Hide and Seek Audiovisual Art

 Identity, Website, Reband, Stationary, Guide

Hide and Seek Audiovisual Art Variety Inc. 害喜影音綜藝有限公司 is a team of art and literature workers in different fields such as contemporary art, anthropology, museums, literature, history, film and visual design.

"害喜"(Morning Sick), the name of the company is not a pregnancy center, but is derived from the process of pregnancy and the pain that must be experienced before a new idea is born. The English name Hide & Seek is derived from the Chinese pronunciation of "害喜"(haisi).

Strategy and Design
This is a rebranding project. The main goal is to express a humorous and energetic tone, but at the same time have a bright color system to echo the personalities of the company members. Since the company's services are mainly based on communication, the "H" and "S" are used as a bridge for communication to create different gradations, and the "S" gradually becomes bigger like the process of pregnancy is integrated into the logo to express a new idea of gradual growth.

Business card with letterpress printing
Collaborated with Jhen Chen and Huei-Yin Wang (Web design)
Printed in Taiwan